Racism and Discrimination in the Workplace
Racism in any form is a terribile thing, but to think that it actaully occurs in the workplace of everyday americans is even worse. It has been shown that in the United States the race is taken into effect about 10 percent of the time someone applies for a job. This was shown in the graph that was on the home page. As we all know racism started very early on, and it has been diminishing ever since then. Racism in the workplace was never a very big problem except during the time of very heavy segregation. Although we believe that we do not discriminate any more it is very surprising to find out that in fact race is the second complaint on things that are going on at work. This means that out of all the things that are complained about at work the race of their co-worker is second. Why does this matter to the people who work with them? It is not known because they are not causing any trouble, they are not any different than that person themselves.

-Although there is much racsim in the workplace some places are required to hire a certain amount of people from each minority, it is also the same with colleges, this is about the only pro to this because what else is positive about someone not getting a job because of thier race

-It has been proven that some places actually pay some minorities less or take advantage of them
-Many people are being passed up even if they are over qualified for the position
-This means less qualified people are actually being hired just becasue of their color
-Many people who have jobs have complained that they are being harassed becasue of race as shown by the graph

As you can see just by some of the pros and cons this is a problem, no one deserves to be treated differently just because they have a different skin color. And there are many different law frims and orgainzations that are focusing on getting equal with those who do discriminate people for jobs, and also to create a economy and workplace with total equality for everyone.
external image Employment%20Complaints%20Graph%202.gif

external image brochure.jpgexternal image EF9624.gifThese two pictures shown are both companies and seminars that promote equality in the work place. They have travel around the United States to all different types of companies to give presentations on how discriminatino can be destrucful in the work enviorment in order to try to abolish this unfair trend. They believe that eveyone should be treated the way everyone else is and that no one should be denied a postition just because of their race. This company is very helpful in making it so that every workplace is a place that is racism freeexternal image 6a00d8341c5cc553ef01156f7a717f970c-320wi.

This picture to the right shows how minorites are being taken advantage of for cheaper labor. Many jobs are being sent to foreigners who will work just because they need any money. It just shows how some U.S companies will only give the miniorites a small amount of pay to what they will actually pay the people if they were to work in the state side offices. This is something that is also growing rapidly because the United States companies know that they can make more money if they give jobs to people who will accept a lower pay just because they do not know better. This is also bad because it takes jobs away from had working americans who need jobs.

This is an article explaining how companies in america have been overcoming racism in the workplace, and that althogh some have many still have not but are required to and it is hurting their companies because they have to hire someone of just because of their race who may not be qualified and spend the money on them.-http://www.knowledgegalaxy.net/racism_in_the_workplace/racism_in_the_workplace.html

These next URLs are to websites that support this topic and are hoping to change it so that eveyone will be totally equal everywhere.